What I’ve Read

The Hike, Drew Magary
Word By Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries, Kory Stamper
The Mushroom Fan Club, Elise Gravel
Mechaboys, James Kochalka
Walter Potter’s Curious World of Taxidermy, Dr Pat Morris and Joanna Ebenstein
River of Teeth, Sarah Gailey
Herding Cats, Sarah Andersen
Vibration Cooking, Verta Mae
Greetings from Witness Protection! Jake Burt
Be Prepared, Vera Brosgol
Rock Steady: Brilliant Advice from my Bipolar Life, Ellen Forney
Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words, Randall Munroe
Sex Criminals Vol. 1: One Weird Trick
Spinning, Tillie Walden
Slider, Pete Hautman
Sweet Revenge: Passive-Aggressive Desserts for Your Exes & Enemies, Heather Kim
The Fashion Committee, Susan Juby
Tricky Vic: The Impossibly True Story of the Man Who Sold the Eiffel Tower, Greg Pizzoli
Curious Constructions: A Peculiar Portfolio of Fifty Fascinating Structures,
Michael Hearst
Landscape with Invisible Hand, M.T. Anderson
The Zero, Jess Walter
Dear Fahrenheit 451: Love and Heartbreak in the Stacks, a Librarian’s Love Letters and Breakup Notes to the Books in Her Life, Annie Spence
Attachments, Rainbow Rowell
What Makes a Monster?: Discovering the World’s Scariest Creatures, Jess Keating, David DeGrand
Demon vol. 3
Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War, Mary Roach
Leonardo Was Right, Roland Topor
What I Think Happened: An Underresearched History of the Western World, Evany Rosen
How to Bang a Billionaire, Alexis Hall
Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero, Michael DeForge
Going Into Town: A Love Letter to New York, Roz Chast
Baking with Kafka, Tom Gauld
The Great American Foot Race: Ballyhoo for the Bunion Derby! Andrew Speno
Bitch Planet Book Two, President Bitch, Kelley Sue DeConnick
Design is Storytelling, Ellen Lupton
Liartown: The First Four Years, Sean Tejaratchi
Arne & Carlos Field Guide to Knitted Birds: Over 40 Handmade Projects to Liven up your Roost
I Hate Everyone But You, Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin
Tetris: The Games People Play, Box Brown (forgot to note earlier)
Pattern Behavior: The Seamy Side of Fashion, Natalie Kossar
Vacationland: True Stories from Painful Beaches, John Hodgman (audio)
The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors, Drew Dayawalt, Adam Rex
A Field Guide to the Aliens of Star Trek, the Next Generation, Joshua Chapman (Zachary Auburn)
The Life Changing Manga of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo
Still Stuck, Shinsuke Yoshitake
The Case of the Gilded Fly, Edmund Crispin
Written and Drawn by Henrietta, Liniers
Cat Getting Out of a Bag and Other Observations, Jeffrey Brown
Welcome: A Mo Willems Guide for New Arrivals, Mo Willems
Cats Are Weird: And More Observations, Jeffrey Brown
Giant Days vol 4, John Allison
George & Lizzie: A Novel, Nancy Pearl
If Found Please Return To, Elise Gravel
Giant Days vol 3, John Allison
If Sharks Disappeared, Lily Williams
Snow White: A Graphic Novel, Matt Phelan
Crow Smarts: Inside the Brain of the World’s Brightest Bird, Pamela S. Turner
Codex Seraphinianus, Luigi Serafini
Challenger Deep, Neal Shusterman
Language Barrier, Hannah K. Lee
Peter & Ernesto: A Tale of Two Sloths, Graham Annable
The Prince and the Dressmaker, Jen Wang
Archangel, William Gibson and Michael St. John Smith
Thank You for Coming to Hattiesburg, Todd Barry
Something Terrible, Dean Trippe
Big Hid, Roisin Swales
Prudence the Part-Time Cow, Jody Jensen Shaffer
Pajamarama Carnival, Michaël Leblond and Frédérique Bertrand
Pajamarama Fever, Michaël Leblond and Frédérique Bertrand
Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo, Chris McDonnell
Malignant Metaphor: Confronting Cancer Myths, Alanna Mitchell
Is This Guy For Real? The Unbelievable Andy Kaufman, Box Brown
Edible Inventions: Cooking Hacks and Yummy Recipes You Can Build, Mix, Bake, and Grow, Kathy Ceceri
Killings, Calvin Trillin
Giant Days vol 2, John Allison, Lissa Treiman
Midas Flesh vol. 1 by Ryan North, illus by Shelly Paroline and Braden Lamb
Upside Down: A Vampire Tale by Jess Smart Smiley
Memetic by James Tynion IV, Eryk Donovan, and Adam Guzowski
The Woods, vol. 1: The Arrow by James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas
Giant Days, vol. 1, John Allison, Lissa Treiman
Lovecraft Country, Matt Ruff
Nicolas, Pascal Girard
John Deere, That’s Who! Tracy Nelson Maurer, Tim Zeltner
Face, Rosario Villajos
Control, Andy Diggle and Angela Cruikshank, art by Andrea Mutti
You & a Bike & a Road, Eleanor Davis
Hostage, Guy Delisle
CCCP Cookbook: True Stories of Soviet Cuisine, Olga & Pavel Syutkin
The Moving Toyshop, Edmund Crispin
People Knitting: A Century of Photographs, Barbara Levine
Meanwhile in San Francisco: The City In Its Own Words, Wendy MacNaughton
Fire!! The Zora Neale Hurston Story, Peter Bagge
Bookmobiles in America: An Illustrated History, Orty Ortwein
Maker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects: Build, Invent, Create, Discover by Jack Challoner
Make: Props and Costume Armor: Create Realistic Science Fiction and Fantasy Weapons, Armor, and Accessories by Shawn Thorsson
Agatha Christie, Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara
The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, Becky Chambers
The Hound of the Baskervilles, Arthur Conan Doyle
All Birds Have Anxiety, Kathy Hoopmann
The Incantations of Daniel Johnston by Ricardo Cavolo and Scott McClanahan
Under Water, Under Earth by Aleksandra Mizielińska
When I Was A Kid: Childhood Stories by Boey
Kaijumax Season Two: The Seamy Underbelly by Zander Cannon
The Geography of Madness: Penis Thieves, Voodoo Death, and the Search for the Meaning of the World’s Strangest Syndromes By Frank Bures
Big Appetites: Tiny People in A World of Big Food by Christopher Boffoli
Colonial Madness by Jo Whittemore
Fix Your Clothes, Raleigh Briggs
No True Echo, Gareth P. Jones
Six Dots: A Story of Young Louis Braille, Jen Bryant, Boris Kulikov
Di Iz Tak? Carson Ellis
The Nerdy and the Dirty, B. T. Gottfred
The Killer, vol 1 & 2, Jacamon & Matz
How to Speak Midwestern, Edward McClelland
Pen Pals, Alexandra Pichard
I Don’t Know What to Call My Cat, Simon Philip, Ella Bailey
Mac & Cheese, James Proimos
The Not-Quite States of America, Doug Mack
Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle
Tek: The Modern Caveboy, Patrick McDonnell
The Sherlock Holmes Companion: An Elementary Guide, Daniel Smith
Nimona (audiobook)
The Best American Infographics 2016
The Impossible Fortress, Jason Rekulak
Away With Words: An Irreverent Tour Through the World of Pun Competitions, Joe Berkowitz
Whose Body? Dorothy L. Sayers
Not One Shrine: Two Food Writers Devour Tokyo, Becky Selengut, Matthew Amster Burton
Big Mushy Happy Lump: A “Sarah’s Scribbles” Collection, Sarah Andersen
Aleister & Adolf, Douglas Rushkiff, Michael Avon Oeming
Sherlock Sam and the Missing Heirloom in Katong, A.J. Low
The Thin Man, Dashiell Hammett
Queer: A Graphic History, Meg-John Barker, Julia Scheele
Esquivel! Space Age Sound Artist, Susan Wood, Duncan Tonatiuh
The Cosmo-Biography of Sun Ra: The Sound of Joy is Enlightening, Chris Raschka
Normal, Warren Ellis
Let’s Go Camping! Crochet Your Own Adventure, Kate Bruning
Over the Ocean, Taro Gomi
Murder at the Vicarage: A Miss Marple Mystery, Agatha Christie
Virus by Marilyn J. Roossinck
The Voynich Manuscript
Jonesy, vol 1, Sam Humphries and Caitlin Rose Boyle
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle
Paper Girls vol. 1, Brian K. Vaughan
All the Birds In the Sky, Charlie Jane Anders
Running Girl, Simon Mason
Grandmother Fish, Jonathan Tweet and Karen Lewis
Demon vol 1, Jason Shiga
The Sign Of Four, Arthur Conan Doyle
For Love: 25 Heartwarming Celebrations of Humanity, Alice Yoo and Eugene Kim
Speaking American*: How Y’all, Youse, and You Guys Talk, A Visual Guade, Josh Katz
Teen Dog, Jake Lawrence
Lucy & Andy Neanderthal, Jeffrey Brown
The Collected Cat Rackham, Steve Wolfhard
Blip! Barnaby Richards
Injection, v2, Warren Ellis
Vegetables in Underwear, Jared Chapman
Roller Girl, Victoria Jamieson
Dan vs Nature, Don Calame
Birdsong: A Story in Pictures, James Sturm
The Creepy Casefiles of Margo Maloo, Drew Weing
A Study In Scarlet, Arthur Conan Doyle
Ada Lovelace, Poet of Science: The First Computer Programmer, Diane Stanley, illus by Jessie Hartland
The Marvelous Thing That Came From a Spring: The Accidental Invention of the Toy That Swept the Nation, Gilbert Ford
ABC Pasta: An Entertaining Alphabet, Juana Medina
Sometimes It’s Storks, LJR Kelly and the Brothers Hilts
Keith Haring: The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing, Kay A. Haring, illus by Robert Neubecker
Yokainoshima: Island of Monsters, Charles Freger
Girl Sex 101, Allison Moon
Asakusa Portraits, Hiroh Kikai
Soppy, Philippa Rice
The Little Book of Big Babes, ed Rachelle Abellar
Play All: A Bingewatcher’s Notebook, Clive James
Our Cats Are More Famous Than Us: A Johnny Wander Collection, Yuko Ota and Ananath Hirsh
Everyday Sexism, Laura Bates
Mooncop, Tom Gauld
Trees, v2, Waren Ellis
Trees, v1, Warren Ellis, Jason Howard
Injection, v1, Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey, Jordie Bellaire
Every Exquisite Thing, Matthew Quick
Leave Me Alone! Vera Brosgol
King Baby, Kate Beaton
Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy, Doug Savage
Lucky Penny, Ananth Hirsh and Yuko Ota
The Visible Man, Chuck Klosterman
Hench, Adam Beechen, Manny Bello
Anatomical Venus: Wax, God, Death & The Ecstatic, Joanna Ebenstein
Step Aside Pops: A Hark! A Vagrant Collection, Kate Beaton
Manabeshima Island Japan: One Island, Two Months, One Minicar, Sixty Crabs, Eighty Bites and Fifty Shots of Shochu, Florent Chavouet
Prison Island: A Graphic Memoir, Colleen Frakes
Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman, Lindy West
The Regional Office Is Under Attack! Manuel Gonzales
Hot Dog Taste Test, Lisa Hanawalt
Pink Is For Blobfish: Discovering the World’s Perfectly Pink Animals, Jess Keating, David LeGrand
We Stand On Guard, Brian K. Vaughn, Matt Hollingsworth, Steve Skroce
Bleed, Blister, Puke, and Purge: The Dirty Secrets Behind Early American Medicine, J. Marin Younker
Hamilton: The Revolution, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter
Gun Machine, Warren Ellis
The Blobfish Book, Jessica Olien
Emperor of the Food Chain, David Malki
Kaijumax: Terror and Respect, Zander Cannon
Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls, Jes Baker
Your Presidential Fantasy Dream Team, Daniel O’Brien and Winston Rowntree
A Beginner’s Guide to Bear Spotting, Michelle Robinson, David Roberts
Deep Dark Fears, Fran Krause
The Worrier’s Guide to Life, Gemma Correll
Adulthood Is a Myth, Sarah Andersen
Miss Mary Reporting: The True Story of Sportswriter Mary Garber, Sue Macy, C. F. Payne
Secret Midnite Duck Party: Gunshow Volume 3, KC Green
Rad Tats: Gunshow Volume 4, KC Green
All Of Our Friends Are Dead: Gunshow Volume 5, KC Green
Doomed to Repeat It: Gunshow Volume 6, KC Green
Pinky & Stinky, James Kochalka
It Ain’t So Awful, Falafel, Firoozeh Dumas
Little Robot, Ben Hatke
Delayed Replays, Liz Prince
Alone Forever: The Singles Collection, Liz Prince
Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed? Liz Prince
Game Changer: John McLendon and the Secret Game, John Coy, Randy DuBurke
Memento Mori, Paul Koudounaris
What Is Punk? Eric Morse and Anny Yi
Many Are Called, Walker Evans
The Electric Pencil, James Edward Deeds Jr.
A Midsummer Night #nofilter, William Shakespeare and Brett Wright
Bitch Planet: Extraordinary Machine, Deconnick, De Leandro, Wilson IV, Peter, Cowles
Wild Things! Acts of Mischief in Children’s Literature, Betsy Bird, Julie Danielson, Peter D. Sieruta
Citizen Vince, Jess Walter
Asking For It, Lilah Pace
The Financial Lives of the Poets, Jess Walter
The Submission Gift, Solace Ames
The Skunk, Mac Barnett and Patrick McDonnell
The Hueys in What’s the Opposite? Oliver Jeffers
Dear Luke, We Need to Talk, Darth And Other Pop Culture Correspondences, John Moe
Knitless: 50 No-Knit, Stash-Busting Yarn Projects, Laura McFadden
Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer, Kelly Jones
Breakthrough! How Three People Saved “Blue Babies” and Changed Medicine Forever, Jim Murphy
Human Body Theater: A Nonfiction Revue, Maris Wicks
Waddle! Waddle!, James Proimos
The Unicorn, Delphine Dryden
Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here, Anna Breslaw
Full Body Burden: Growing up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky Flats By Kristen Iversen
Bread and a Dog, Natsuko Kuwahara
The Owner’s Manual to Terrible Parenting, Guy Delisle
Meatworks, Jordan Castillo Price
Tinseltown: Murder, Morphine, and Madness at the Dawn of Hollywood, William J. Mann (audio)
Home, Carson Ellis
The Best American Infographics 2015
MARTians, Blythe Woolston
Waiting for the Flood, Alexis Hall
Fable Comics, ed. Chris Duffy
The Oven, Sophie Goldstein
Small Scenes From A Big Galaxy, Vesa Lehtimäki
We Live In Water: Stories, Jess Walter
The Deleted Emails of Hillary Clinton: A Parody, John Moe
The Way Back Home, Oliver Jeffers
Milwaukee Mayhem: Murder and Mystery in the Cream City’s First Century, Matthew J. Prigge
For Real, Alexis Hall
How to Catch a Star, Oliver Jeffers
The Good Luck of Right Now, Matthew Quick
Goodnight Mr. Darcy, Kate Coombs and Alli Arnold
Eat More Comics: The Best of The Nib
Robo-Sauce, Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri
Up and Down, Oliver Jeffers
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Power (vol. 1)
Terrible Typhoid Mary: A True Story of the Deadliest Cook in America, Susan Campbell Bartoletti
The Day the Crayons Quit, Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers
The Day the Crayons Came Back, Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers
Extraordinary People: A Semi-Comprehensive Guide to Some of the World’s Most Fascinating Individuals, Michael Hearst and Aaron Scamihorn
Made in India: Recipes from an Indian Family Kitchen, Meera Sodha
A Splash of Red: The Life and Art of Horace Pippin, Jen Bryant and Melissa Sweet
Snowden, Ted Rall
J.P. and the Giant Octopus, Ana Crespo
Steve Jobs: Insanely Great, a graphic biography by Jessie Hartland
My Cousin Momo, Zachariah OHora
Looking Backward, 2000-1898, Edward Bellamy
Born to Be Awkward: Celebrating Those Imperfect Moments of Babyhood, Mike Bender and Doug Chernack
The Prince of Venice Beach, Blake Nelson
Fighting for America: Nisei Soldiers, Lawrence Matsuda and Matt Sasaki
Baba Yaga’s Assistant, Marika McCoola & Emily Carroll
Drowned City: Hurricane Katrina & New Orleans, Don Brown
Vitamania: Our Obsessive Quest for Nutritional Perfection, Catherine Price
Step Right Up!, Dan Mannix
Johnny Wander Vol. 3: Ballad of Laundry Cat, Ananth Panagariya & Yuko Ota
Three Word Phrase, Volume Two, Ryan Pequin
Little Comis, KC Green
Eating with Uncle Sam: Recipes and Historical Bites from the National Archives
Lincoln’s Grave Robbers (audio), Steve Sheinken
Nimona, Noelle Stevenson
Only Ever Yours, Louise O’Neill
Smiling Sushi Roll, Tama-chan
Wonder, R. J. Palacio
This Belongs to Me, Anna Wray
5 Minute Mug Cakes: Nearly 100 Yummy Microwave Cakes, Jennifer Lee
The Princess and the Pony, Kate Beaton
Vincent, Barbara Stok
She Is Not Invisible, Marcus Sedgwick
At Home in Her Tomb: Lady Dai and the Ancient Chinese Treasures of Mawangdui, Christine Liu-Perkins
Cat Person, Seo Kim
In Her Kitchen: Stories and Recipes From Grandmas Around the World, Gabriele Galimberti
Kissing in America, Margo Rabb
Interstellar Cinderella, Deborah Underwood and Meg Hunt
The Age of Selfishness: Ayn Rand, Morality, and the Financial Crisis, Darryl Cunningham
The Founding Fathers! Those Horse-ridin’, Fiddle-playin’, Book-readin’, Gun-totin’ Gentlemen Who Started America, Jonah Winter
Zombie in Love 2 + 1, Kelly DiPuccio, Scott Campbell
The Potato King, Christoph Niemann
The 5th Wave, Rick Yancey
SuperMutant Magic Academy, Jillian Tamaki
Lost in NYC: A Subway Adventure, Nadja Spiegleman and Sergio Garcia Sanchez
Everyday Onigiri: 101 Healthy, Easy Japanese Riceball Recipes, Reiko Yamada
Picture Cook: See. Make. Eat., Katie Shelly
Eden West, Pete Hautman
Dogs in Cars, Lara Jo Regan
I’ll Have What She’s Having: My Adventures in Celebrity Dieting, Rebecca Harrington
Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?, Roz Chast
I’m Trying to Love Spiders, Bethany Barton
Ms Marvel: No Normal, Wilson and Alphona
The Coroner’s Lunch, Colin Cotterill
Frozen in Time: Clarence Birdseye’s Outrageous Idea About Frozen Food, Mark Kurlansky
Cool Japan Guide: Fun in the Land of Manga, Lucky Cats, and Ramen, Abby Denson
The Fourteenth Goldfish, Jennifer L. Holm (audio)
Ghost Walls: The Story of a 17th Century Colonial Homestead, Sally M. Walker
Stubby the War Dog: The True Story of World War I’s Bravest Dog, Ann Bausum
Bad Science: Quacks, Hacks, and Big Pharma Flacks, Ben Goldacre (audio)
Against Football: One Fan’s Reluctant Manifesto, Steve Almond (audio)
Beetle Busters: A Rogue Insect and the People Who Track It, Loree Griffin Burns
Fighting Fire! Ten of the Deadliest Fires in American History and How We Fought Them, Michael L. Cooper
Robbers! True Stories of the World’s Most Notorious Thieves, Andreas Schroeder
This is what you just put in your mouth?: from eggnog to beef jerky, the surprising secrets of what’s inside everyday products, Patrick Di Justo
V is for Villain, Peter Moore
Armond Goes to a Party, Nancy Carlson and Armond Isaak
Earmuffs for Everyone! How Chester Greenwood Became Known as the Inventor of Earmuffs, Megan McCarthy
Star Stuff: Carl Sagan and the Mysteries of the Cosmos, Stephanie Roth Sisson
Eye: How It Works, David Macaulay
Toilet: How It Works, David Macaulay
Tiny Creatures: The World of Microbes, Nicola Davies and Emily Sutton
I Am Pusheen the Cat, Claire Belton
Shackleton: Antarctic Odyssey, Nick Bertozzi
Best Shot in the West: The Adventures of Nat Love, McKissack
When Lunch Fights Back: Wickedly Clever Animal Defenses, Rebecca L. Johnson
Silver Linings Playbook, Matthew Quick
Boy 21, Matthew Quick
Tomboy, Liz Prince
I Am Abraham Lincoln, Brad Meltzer and Chris Eliopoulos
Hello, Mr. Hulot, David Merveille
Machine of Death
Through the Woods, Emily Carroll
Apocalypse Bow Wow, James Proimos III and James Proimos Jr.
Hip Hop Family Tree [vol. 1], Ed Piskor
Soup Night: Recipes for Creating Community Around A Pot of Soup, Maggie Stuckey
I Kill the Mockingbird, Paul Acampora
Dogs of War, Sheila Keenan and Nathan Fox
Hip Hop Family Tree vol 2, Ed Piskor
Blackballed: The Black Vote and U.S. Democracy, Darryl Pinckney
Grasshopper Jungle: A History, Andrew Smith
Nocturne: Creatures of the Night, Traer Scott
El Deafo, Cece Bell
The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons: The History of the Human Brain as Revealed by True Stories of Trauma, Madness, and Recovery, Sam Kean
Stick Man’s Really Bad Day, Steve Mockus
Wrapping With Fabric Your Complete Guide to Furoshiki: the Japanese Art of Wrapping By Etsuko Yamada
The Freedom Summer Murders, Don Mitchell
In Real Life, Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang
Seconds, Bryan Lee O’Malley
Maggot Moon, Sally Gardner
Take What You Can Carry, Kevin C. Pyle
Crankee Doodle, Tom Angleberger and Cece Bell
Pregnant Butch: Nine Long Months Spent in Drag, A.K. Summers
Scott Pilgrim series (re-read)
Jessie Elliot is a Big Chicken, Elise Gravel
I Wish I Had a Pet, Maggie Rudy
B is for Box, David A. Carter
Everywhere Antennas, Julie Delporte
How to Be Happy, Eleanor Davis
Hug Machine, Scott Campbell
I Work at a Public Library: A Collection of Crazy Stories From the Stacks, Gina Sheridan
Red Madness: How a Medical Mystery Changed What We Eat, Gail Jarrow
Crap Taxidermy, Kat Sui
Strange Fruit, Volume I: Uncelebrated Narratives from Black History, Joel Christian Gill
The Rat, Elise Gravel
Sisters, Raina Telgemeier
Two Girls Staring at the Ceiling, Lucy Frank
Peanut, Ayun Halliday and Paul Hoppe
Empire State: A Love Story (Or Not), Jason Shiga
Far Arden, Kevin Cannon
Crater XV, Kevin Cannon
Crap Kingdom, D. C. Pierson
Queen Victoria’s Bathing Machine, Gloria Whelan
Age of License, Lucy Knisley
One-Hour Cheese, Claudia Lucero
Gulp, Mary Roach (audio)
We Can Fix It: A Time Travel Memoir, Jess Fink
My Dirty Dumb Eyes, Lisa Hanawalt
This One Summer, Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki
Around the World, Matt Phelan
God Loves Hair, Vivek Shraya
Andre the Giant: Life and Legend, Box Brown
To Timbuktu: Nine Countries, Two People, One True Story, Casey Scieszka and Steven Weinberg
Oishinbo A La Carte: Fish, Sushi & Sashimi, Tetsu Kariya
Anya’s ghost, Vera Brosgol
Pyg: The Memoirs of Toby, The Learned Pig, Russell Potter
Improv Sewing: 101 Fast, Fun, and Fearless Projects, Nicole Blum & Debra Immergut
Cast On, Bind Off: 54 Step-by-Step Methods, Leslie Ann Bestor
Bookshelf, Alex Johnson
Skulls: An Exploration of Alan Dudley’s Curious Collection, Simon Winchester
Drawing from Memory, Allen Say
Pretty Good Number One: An American Family Eats Tokyo, Matthew Amster-Burton
Counting by 7s, Holly Goldberg Sloan
My Chemical Mountain, Corina Vacco
Morphine, Mikhail Bulgakov
Invincible Microbe: Tuberculosis and the Never Ending Search for a Cure, Murphy and Blank
I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales From A Happy Life Without Kids, Kirkman (audio)
Oregon History Comics, 1-10
Knitting Yarns: Writers on Knitting
Primates: The Fearless Science of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Birute Galdikas; Ottaviani & Wicks
Drama, Telgemeier
Game Changer, Haddix
Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story, Bagge
Zombie Baseball Beatdown, Bacigalupi
Inspired: Churches of Seattle, Grant
Shiro: Wit, Wisdom & Recipes from a Sushi Pioneer, Kashiba
Ant Colony, Deforge
The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door, Finneyfrock
How to Fake a Moon Landing, Cunningham
Standing Up to Life, Walton E. Cole
The Noodle Narratives: The Global Rise of an Industrial Food into the Twenty-First Century, Frederick Errington, Deborah Gewertz, Tatsuro Fujikura
Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe, Tim Leong
Mr. and Mrs. Bunny– detectives extraordinaire!, translated from the Rabbit by Polly Horvath (audio)
Hyperbole and a Half, Allie Brosh
A User’s Guide to Neglectful Parenting, Guy Delisle
How Are You Feeling? At the Centre of the Inside of the Human Brain’s Mind, Shrigley
What’s Inside?, Okido
Lost at Sea: The Jon Ronson Mysteries, Jon Ronson
Delights From the Garden of Eden: A Cookbook and History of the Iraqi Cuisine by Nawal Nasrallah
Beastly Crochet: 23 Critters to Wear and Love by Brenda K. B. Anderson
150 best Indian, Thai, Vietnamese & more slow cooker recipes by Sunil Vijayakar
French Milk by Lucy Knisley
Epileptic by David B.
Stitches by David Small
Face Food: The Visual Creativity of Japanese Bento Boxes by Christopher D. Salyers
What Floats in a Boat? Lynn Berry and Matthew Cordell
Deadly! The Truth About the Most Dangerous Creatures on Earth by Nicola Davies and Neal Layton
Just the Right Size: Why Big Animals are Big and Little Animals are Little by Nicola Davies and Neal Layton
Papa’s Mechanical Fish by Candace Fleming and Boris Kulikov
NF, Sybil Exposed, Debbie Nathan (audio)
Knits of tomorrow: toys and accessories for your retro-future needs, Sue Culligan
The Chinese takeout cookbook: quick and easy dishes to prepare at home, Diana Kuan.
Jerusalem: A Family Portrait, Boaz Yakin and Nick Bertozzi
I Visit the Soviets, E. M. Delafield
Sumo, Thien Pham
Crochet with color : 25 contemporary projects for the yarn lover, Kazuko Ryokai
Geek Chic Crochet: 35 Retro-inspired Projects That Are off the Hook, Nicki Trench
Retro knits: cool vintage patterns for men, women, and children from the 1900s through the 1970s, edited by Kari Cornell and Jean Lampe
The Book of Happiness: Africa, Joseph Peter
Burma: Rivers of Flavor, Naomi Duguid
Dream spectres: Extreme Ukiyo-e: sex, blood & the supernatural, Jack Hunter
A Game for Swallows: To Die, to Leave, to Return, Zeina Abirached
Little White Duck: A Childhood in China, Na Lin and Andres Vera Martinez
Weeds: In Defense of Nature’s Most Unloved Plants by Richard Mabey
Because I Said So! The Truth Behind the Myths, Tales and Every Generation Passes Down to Its Kids, Ken Jennings
Menu design in America : a visual and culinary history of graphic styles and design 1850-1985 / Jim Heimann (ed.), Steven Heller, John Mariani
Relish: My Life in the Kitchen by Lucy Knisley
Marbles : mania, depression, Michelangelo, & me : a graphic memoir / by Ellen Forney
You’re All Just Jealous of My Jetpack by Tom Gauld
Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
Bomb: the race to build and steal the world’s most dangerous weapon by Steve Sheinkin.
Ex Libris: The Art of Bookplates by Martin Hopkinson
Blackout by Connie Willis
All Clear by Connie Willis
The Provincial Lady in London by E.M. Delafield
The Provincial Lady in America by E.M. Delafield
The Provincial Lady in Wartime by E.M. Delafield
Master of deceit: J. Edgar Hoover and America in the age of lies by Marc Aronson
I want my hat back by Jon Klassen
The Giant and how he humbugged America by Jim Murphy
Unusual creatures: a mostly accurate account of some of Earth’s strangest animals by Michael Hearst ; artwork, diagrams, and other visuals by Arjen Noordeman, Christie Wright, and Jelmer Noordeman.
Barnum’s bones by Tracey Fern ; pictures by Boris Kulikov
Small and tall tales of extinct animals by Hélène Rajcak and Damien Laverdunt; [translated by Jen Craddock]
Son, Lois Lowry
The lost cyclist : the epic tale of an American adventurer and his mysterious disappearance / David V. Herlihy.
Superman versus the Ku Klux Klan: the true story of how the iconic superhero battled the men of hate / by Rick Bowers.
Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City, Guy Delisle
Rebel in a Dress: Cowgirls, Sylvia Branzei, Melissa Sweet
TeenBoat! The Angst of Being a Teen, The Thrill of Being a Boat!, Dave Roman and John Green
Darth Vader and Son, Jeffrey Brown
Dead Mann Running, Stefan Petrucha
Accidental Salad, Joe Decie
Lost and Found, Jeffers
The Incredible Book Eating Boy, Jeffers
The Hueys in The New Sweater, Jeffers
Three Word Phrase: Volume One, Pequin
Mail-order mysteries: real stuff from old comic book ads! / by Kirk Demarais
Master of deceit : J. Edgar Hoover and America in the age of lies / Marc Aronson
The Best American Crime Writing, 2006
Thicker Than Water, Carey
Stickman Odyssey, Book Two: The Wrath of Zozimos, Christopher Ford
The Star Wars Craft Book, Burton
Hidden Treasure: The National Library of Medicine
Diary of a Provincial Lady, E.M. Delafield
The Great American Cereal Book: How Breakfast Got Its Crunch, Marty Gitlin & Topher Ellis
Redshirts, Scalzi
Thoreau at Walden, John Porcellino
Goliath, Tom Gauld
How to Sharpen Pencils, David Rees
The Gentle Art of Knitting, Jane Brocket
Americus, MK Reed and Jonathan Hill
Government Issue: Comics for the People, 1940s-2000s, Richard Graham
Blizzard of Glass: The Halifax Explosion of 1917, Walker
Annie Sullivan and the Trials of Helen Keller, Lambert
Dar, volumes 1 and 2, Erika Moen
Strange tales II.
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Johnny Wander 1
Johnny Wander 2
East Dragon, West Dragon, Robyn Eversole
Zombie in Love, Kelly S Dipucchio
Science Ink, Carl Zimmer
Follow Your Art, Roberta Gregory
Edible Secrets: A Food Tour of Classified US History, Mia Partlow & Michael Hoerger
TigerButtah, Becky and Frank
Bigfoot, Pascal Girard
Folk Socks: The History & Techniques of Handknitted Footwear, Nancy Bush
Dead Inside: Do Not Enter, Lost Zombies
Scoundrels In Law: The Trials of Howe & Hummel, Lawyers to the Gangsters, Cops, Starlets, and Rakes Who Made the Gilded Age, Cait Murphy
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Mangaman, Barry Lyga, illustrated by Colleen Doran
The Letter Q: Queer Writers’ Notes to Their Younger Selves
Darkness, Boulet
Anime Club, KC Green
Secret Six: The Darkest House, wr. Gail Simone, Keith Giffen
Midnite Surprise Vol. 1, KC Green
Horribleville, V. 1, KC Green
Saturn Apartments 3, Hisae Iwaoka
Black & White: The Confrontation Between Reverend Fred L. Shuttlesworth and Eugene “Bull” Connor / Larry Dane Brimner
The Always War / Margaret Peterson Haddix
Hark!: A Vagrant / Kate Beaton
The Empire of Death: A Cultural History of Ossuaries and Charnel houses, Paul Koudounaris
The Adventures of Hergé, Bocquet, Fromental, Barthélémy
Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, Slate & Fleischer-Camp
Levitation: Physics and Psychology in the Service of Deception, Jim Ottaviani and Janine Johnston ; lettering by Tom Orzechowski.
The Brick Bible: A New Spin on the Old Testament, as told and illustrated by Brendan Powell Smith
The Company Town: The Industrial Edens and Satanic Mills That Shaped the American Economy, Hardy Green.
Inside Scientology: The Story of America’s Most Secretive Religion, (audio) Janet Reitman
The murder of the century : the Gilded Age crime that scandalized a city and sparked the tabloid wars, Paul Collins
Where Children Sleep, James Mollison
I Am Maru, mugumogu
Gunshow Superbook One, KC Green
The Silence of our Friends, written by Mark Long & Jim Demonakos, art by Nate Powell
The Wilder Life: My Adventures in the Lost World of Little House on the Prairie, Wendy McClure.
My Milk Toof: The Adventures of ickle and Lardee, Inhae Lee.
12 Things to Do Before You Crash and Burn, James Proimos.
Hearts & Minds: A G.I. Joe Graphic Novel, [written by Max Brooks ; art by Howard Chaykin and Antonio Fuso].
Bossypants, Tina Fey (audio)
The Psychopath Test, A Journey Through the Madness Industry, Jon Ronson. (audio)
When You Reach Me, Rebecca Stead (audio)
Apocalypse How: Your Guide to Turning the End Times Into the Best of Times, Rob Kutner
Storm Runners, Roland Smith
We Are Become Pals, Joey Comeau and Jess Fink
Dead Mann Walking: A Hessius Mann Novel, Stefan Petrucha
Nursery Rhyme Comics
Best American Crime Writing, 2002
Stickman Odyssey: An Epic Doodle, Book One, Christopher Ford
Sidekicks, Dan Santat
Garden people: the Photographs of Valerie Finnis by Ursula Buchan with Anna Pavord and Brent Elliott.
Rat Island: Predators in Paradise and the World’s Greatest Wildlife Rescue, William Stolzenburg
Secret Six: Six Degrees of Devastation
Birds of Prey: Dead of Winter
Secret Six: Unhinged
Secret Six: Depths
Secret Six: Danse Macabre
Secret Six: Cat’s in the Cradle
Secret Six: The Reptile Brain
Gingerbread Girl, Tobin and Coover
Feynman, Ottaviani & Myrick
Best American Crime Writing, 2003
The Children’s Object Book
Tokyo on Foot: Travels in the City’s Most Colorful Neighborhoods, text and illustrations by Florent Chavouet
Bloody Times: The Funeral of Abraham Lincoln and the Manhunt for Jefferson Davis, James L. Swanson.
One Thousand Years of Manga, Brigitte Koyama-Richard
Through No Fault of my Own: A Girl’s Diary of Life on Summit Avenue in the Jazz Age, Coco Irvine
Memento Nora, Angie Smibert
Fat Vampire: A Never Coming of Age Story, Adam Rex
Bomboozled! How the U.S. Government Misled Itself and Its People Into Believing They Could Survive a Nuclear Attack, Susan Roy
Wire Mothers: Harry Harlow and the Science of Love, Jim Ottaviani & Dylan Meconis
Writing movies for fun and profit!: how we made a billion dollars at the box office and you can, too!, Robert Ben Garant & Thomas Lennon
Objectivity: a Designer’s Book of Curious Tools, Usborne
How to talk to an autistic kid / by Daniel Stefanski (an autistic kid)
High Society: the Central Role of Mind-Altering Drugs in History, Science and Culture, Mike Jay
The Sky Sailors: True Stories of the Balloon Era, Bristow
Skywalkers: Mohawk Ironworkers Build the City, Weitzman.
Sidekicks, Jack D. Ferraiolo.
The Panic Virus: A True Story of Medicine, Science, and Fear, Seth Mnookin (audiobook)
All Aboard: The Complete North American Train Travel Guide, Jim Loomis
Astronaut Academy. Zero Gravity, Dave Roman
Lost Childhood: My Life in a Japanese Prison Camp During World War II: A Memoir, Annelex Hofstra Layson
Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen, Juliet Kinchin and Aidan O’Connor
Shenzhen: A Travelogue From China, Delisle
Dissection: Photographs of a Rite of Passage in American Medicine, Warner, Edmonson
Psychiatric Tales: Eleven Graphic Stories About Mental Illness, Darryl Cunningham
Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void, Mary Roach (audio)
Flesh & Blood So Cheap: the Triangle Fire and Its Legacy, Marrin
Saturn Apartments. 2, Hisae Iwaoka
Unraveling Freedom: the Battle for Democracy on the Home Front During World War I, Ann Bausum
The Guild, Day
Bludzee, Trondheim
Player One: What Is To Become of Us: A Novel in Five Hours, Coupland
Irredeemable Volume 1, Irredeemable Volume 2, Incorruptible Volume 2, Incorruptible Volume 3, all by Mark Waid
Contraband, Taryn Simon
Extraordinary chickens, Stephen Green-Armytage
Extra extraordinary chickens, Stephen Green-Armytage
Elmer, written & illustrated by Gerry Alanguilan
The Girls of Murder City, Perry (audio)
The True Meaning of Smekday, Rex (audio)
My Cool Caravan: An Inspirational Guide to Retro-Style Caravans, Field-Lewis, Haddon, Walker
Lincoln’s Flying Spies: Thaddeus Lowe and the Civil War Balloon Corps, Jarrow
Patchwork Style: 35 Simple Projects for a Cozy & Colorful Life, Koseki
Arthur’s New Power, Hoban
Wheels of Change: How Women Rode the Bicycle to Freedom (With a Few Flat Tires Along the Way), Macy
Here There Be Monsters: the Legendary Kraken and the Giant Squid, Newquist.
The Music Room: a Memoir, Devidayal
Generation A, Coupland
The Disappearing Spoon: and Other True Tales of Madness, Love, and the History of the World From the Periodic Table of the Elements, Kean
James May’s Lego House
The Bat Scientists, Carson
Lila & Ecco’s Do-It-Yourself Comics Club, Dawson
Linen, Wool, Cotton: 25 Simple Projects to Sew With Natural Fabrics, Mano.
Grace Kelly Style
More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, Hoverson
Lost States: True Stories of Texlahoma, Transylvania, and Other States That Never Made It, Trinklein
The Reluctant Communist: My Desertion, Court-Martial, and Forty-Year Imprisonment in North Korea, Charles Robert Jenkins with Jim Frederick
The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher: a Shocking Murder and the Undoing of a Great Victorian Detective, Summerscale (audio)
Conservatize Me: How I Tried to Become a Righty With the Help of Richard Nixon, Sean Hannity, Toby Keith & Beef Jerky, Moe (audio)
Simeon’s Story: An Eyewitness Account of the Kidnapping of Emmett Till, Wright
Carl Warner’s Food Landscapes
Yotsuba&! 9, Azuma
Cul de Sac Golden Treasury: a Keepsake Garland of Classics, Thompson
The Loving Dead, Beamer
Happy Hamster, Paauw
The Fat Boy Chronicles, Lang & Buchanan
Dead Men’s Boots, Mike Carey
Moyasimon 2: Tales of Agriculture, Ishikawa
The Brinkley Girls: the Best of Nell Brinkley’s Cartoons From 1913-1940, Trina Robbins (editor)
Red Star Over Russia: a Visual History of the Soviet Union From the Revolution to the Death of Stalin: Posters, Photographs and Graphics from the David King Collection, David King
Journey Into the Deep: Discovering New Ocean Creatures, Johnson
Kakapo Rescue: Saving the World’s Strangest Parrot, Montgomery
Project Seahorse, Turner
The Adventures of Jack Lime, Leck
Frozen Secrets: Antarctica Revealed, Walker
An Unspeakable Crime: the Prosecution and Persecution of Leo Frank, Alphin
Wormwood, Gentleman Corpse Vol. 1 Birds, Bees, Blood & Beer, Templesmith
Wormwood, Gentleman Corpse Vol. 2 It Only Hurts When I Pee, Templesmith
The Boy Who Would Be Shakespeare: a Tale of Forgery and Folly, Stewart
My Mommy is in America and She Met Buffalo Bill, Regnaud & Bravo
The Dust Bowl Through the Lens: How Photography Revealed and Helped Remedy a National Disaster, Martin W. Sandler
Red, Warren Ellis
Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential: How Teenage Girls Made a Nation Cool, Ashcraft
What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets, Menzel and D’aluisio
The Best American Crime Reporting, 2010
City of Spies, Susan Kim & Laurence Klavan, art by Pascal Dizin
Horrible Little People
Yotsuba&!. 8, Kiyohiko Azuma
Neko ramen. [Volume 1,], Hey! Order up!
Saturn Apartments volume 1, Hisae Iwaoka
Scott Pilgrim Vol. 5, Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe, Bryan Lee O’Malley
It’s a Book, Lane Smith
The Book of the Maidservant, Rebecca Barnhouse
Brushing Your Teeth Can Be Fun: and Lots of Other Good Ideas for How to Grow Up Healthy, Strong, and Smart, Munro Leaf (Originally Health Can Be Fun)
How to Behave and Why, Munro Leaf
How to Speak Politely and Why, Munro Leaf (Originally Grammar Can Be Fun)
Manners Can Be Fun, Munro Leaf
Incorruptible. Volume 1, [created and written by] Mark Waid ; [artist], Jean Diaz
Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour (vol. 6), Bryan Lee O’Malley
Westward ha!, or, Around the world in eighty cliches, S.J. Perelman, drawings by Hirschfeld
The hive detectives : chronicle of a honey bee catastrophe / Loree Griffin Burns ; with photographs by Ellen Harasimowicz
Cul de sac, Richard Thompson
Children at play: a Cul de sac cartoon collection, Richard Thompson
Craze: gin and debauchery in an age of reason :consisting of a tragicomedy in three acts in which high and low are brought together, much to their mutual discomfort. Complete with stories, some witty and some not, conducive to meditation on recent events, Jessica Warner
Who would buy this? : the Archie McPhee story, Mark Pahlow
The spies of Mississippi: the true story of the spy agency that tried to destroy the civil rights movement, Rick Bowers
Who we were: a snapshot history of America, Michael Williams, Richard Cahan, Nicholas Osborn
Cosmic, Frank Cottrell Boyce
Purple Heart, Patricia McCormick
Brain Camp; Susan Kim, Laurence Klavan, Faith Erin Hicks, Hilary Sycamore
Dapper Caps and Pedal Copters, David Malki!
I am a genius of unspeakable evil and I want to be your class president, Josh Lieb
(un)Fashion, Tibor + Maira Kalman
Swords: an artist’s devotion, Ben Boos
Secret subway, Martin W. Sandler
Meanwhile, Jason Shiga
Bro-Jitsu : the martial art of sibling smackdown, Daniel H. Wilson
Glamourpuss: the enchanting world of kitty wigs by Julie Jackson; photographs by Jill Johnson
100% Pure Fake, Lyn Thomas
Do-it-yourself brain surgery and other implausibly titled books
Joe and Azat, Jesse Lonergan
Manga kamishibai: the art of Japanese paper theater, Eric P. Nash
T-minus: the race to the moon, Jim Ottaviani ; [illustrated by] Zander Cannon, Kevin Cannon (Y)
Oishinbo, a la carte. Ramen & gyōza, story by Tetsu Kariya, art by Akira Hanasaki
Chainsawsuit 3, Kris Straub
Yotsuba&!. 6, Kiyohiko Azuma
Yotsuba&!. 7, Kiyohiko Azuma
Never Learn Anything from History, Kate Beaton
From the Ashes: a Speculative Graphic Memoir, Bob Fingerman
Cookin’ with Coolio: 5 star meals at a 1 star price by Coolio, the ghetto gourmet
The Rise and Fall of Senator Joe McCarthy by James Cross Giblin
Strange maps: an Atlas of Cartographic Curiosities by Frank Jacobs
First family: terror, extortion, revenge, murder, and the birth of the American mafia, Mike Dash (audio)
Nice Recovery, Susan Juby
Up & Down New York, Tony Sarg
The American History Cookbook, Mark H. Zanger
A Year in Japan, Kate T. Williamson
The Best American Crime Reporting 2008
Schoolgirl milky crisis: adventures in the anime and manga trade, Jonathan Clements
Japanese hot pots: comforting one-pot meals / Tadashi Ono & Harris Salat.
Sayonara, Mr. Fatty : [a geek’s diet memoir] / by Toshio Okada
Cat Burglar Black, Sala
Eat Fresh Food: Awesome Recipes for Teen Chefs
Camp Fossil Eyes: Digging for the Origin of Words
The Great Motion Mission: A Surprising Story of Physics in Everyday Life
Justin Timberlake: Breakout Music Superstar
Cape Hatteras National Seashore: Adventure, Explore, Discover
Robert L. Johnson
Lively Plant Science Experiments
Sid Fleischman: An Author Kids Love
Dinosaur Scientist: Careers Digging Up the Past
K Blows Top: A Cold War Comic Interlude, Starring Nikita Khrushchev, America’s Most Unlikely Tourist, Peter Carlson (audio)
More Information Than You Require (audio), Hodgman
The Wordy Shipmates (audio), Vowell
Moyasimon. 1 : tales of agriculture / Masayuki Ishikawa
Lost on planet China : the strange and true story of one man’s attempt to understand the world’s most mystifying nation, or how he became comfortable eating live squid / J. Maarten Troost. (audio)
Crime beat : a decade of covering cops and killers / Michael Connelly (audio)
Brought to light : photography and the invisible, 1840-1900
Store front : the disappearing face of New York
Tintin : the complete companion / Michael Farr.
Stories in stone : a field guide to cemetery symbolism and iconography / written and photographed by Douglas Keister
Schooled / Gordon Korman
How to Cosplay vol. 1
The laugh-out-loud cats sell out, A. Koford
Asylum : inside the closed world of state mental hospitals, photographs by Christopher Payne
I shall destroy all the civilized planets! : the comics of Fletcher Hanks
Little Wolf’s book of badness by Ian Whybrow, illustrated by Tony Ross
The stuff of life: a graphic guide to genetics and DNA, Schultz
The Secret Science Alliance and the Copycat Crook, David
Andromeda Klein, Portman
Mr. Lincoln’s high-tech war: how the North used the telegraph, railroads, surveillance balloons, ironclads, high-powered weapons, and more to win the Civil War, Thomas B. Allen & Roger MacBride Allen
Fade to Blue, Beaudoin
Two miserable presidents: everything your schoolbooks didn’t tell you about the Civil War, Sheinkin
Masterpiece comics, R. Sikoryak
The Day-Glo brothers: the true story of Bob and Joe Switzer’s bright ideas and brand-new colors, Barton, Persiani
Project X: challengers: Seven Eleven: the miraculous success of Japan’s 7-Eleven stores, Tadashi Ikuta, Naomi Kimura
Kamikaze Girls, Takemoto
Little Brother, Doctorow
Little Vampire, Sfar
Get cooking by Sam Stern and Susan Stern
Crap: how to deal with annoying teachers, bosses, backstabbers, and other stuff that stinks / Erin Elisabeth Conley, Karen Macklin, Jake Miller
The Day Wall Street Exploded: A Story of America in its First Age of Terror, Beverly Gage
Yokai attack!: the Japanese monster survival guide, Hiroko Yoda and Matt Alt
Wondermark, Vol. 2: Clever Tricks to Stave Off Death, David Malki
Chainsawsuit, Chainsawsuit 2
Why is snot green?: and other extremely important questions (and answers), Glenn Murphy
Jack Tumor, Anthony McGowan
Vicious Circle, Mike Carey
Wham-O super-book : celebrating 60 years inside the fun factory! / Tim Walsh.
Gastroanomalies: questionable culinary creations from the golden age of American cookery, James Lileks
Endangered recipes: too good to be forgotten, Lari Robling
Back in the days: photographs, Jamel Shabazz
On the take: from petty crooks to presidents, William J. Chambliss
The soul of medicine: tales from the bedside, Sherwin B. Nuland
The séance, Iain Lawrence
Albert and the Others, Guy Delisle
Brave New World, Huxley
Veeps by Bill Kelter; artist, Wayne Shellabarger
Bonk: the curious coupling of science and sex, Mary Roach
Getting the girl: a guide to private investigation, surveillance, and cookery, Susan Juby
More Information Than You Require, Hodgman
The Language of the Blues: from Alcorub to Zuzu, DeSalvo
Beards of our forefathers: a collection of comic-strips, fully illustrated, Malki !
No Choirboy: Murder, Violence, and Teenagers on Death Row, Kuklin
North Korean Posters: the David Heather Collection
No News at Throat Lake, Donegan
Bodies from the Ice: Melting Glaciers and the Recovery of the Past by James M. Deem
Downtown Owl, Klosterman
What the World Eats, Menzel, and D’Aluisio
The Pirates! in an adventure with communists, Gideon Defoe
King George: what was his problem?: everything your schoolbooks didn’t tell you about the American Revolution, Steve Sheinkin (Y)
Good as Lily, Derek Kirk Kim and Jesse Hamm
It’s My F___ing Birthday, Merrill Markoe
A nuclear family vacation: travels in the world of atomic weaponry, Nathan Hodge and Sharon Weinberger
Students on strike: Jim Crow, civil rights, Brown, and me: a memoir, John A. Stokes
Who hates whom: well-armed fanatics, intractable conflicts, and various things blowing up: a woefully incomplete guide, Bob Harris
Fugitives and Refugees: A Walk in Portland, Oregon, Chuck Palahniuk
Soon I will be invincible, Grossman
The book stops here, Sansom
Burma chronicles by Guy Delisle
Cancer vixen: a true story by Marisa Acocella Marchetto
Eating for England: the delights & eccentricities of the British at table by Nigel Slater
A field guide to roadside technology by Ed Sobey
Ant farm: and other desperate situations by Simon Rich
Trophy kid, or, How I was adopted by the rich and famous by Steve Atinsky
Do the math: secrets, lies, and algebra by Wendy Lichtman
Letting go of God by Julia Sweeney
The minimalist cooks dinner: more than 100 recipes for fast weeknight meals and casual entertaining by Mark Bittman
Corrupted Science
Gentlemen, Start Your Ovens
Tiny Treats
Charlatan: America’s most dangerous huckster, the man who pursued him, and the age of flimflam, Brock
Bookhunter, Shiga
The Air Loom gang: the strange and true story of James Tilly Matthews and his visionary madness, Jay
Taken, Bloor
Rethinking thin: the new science of weight loss and the myths and realities of dieting, Kolata
Teen, Inc., Petrucha
The compound, Bodeen
No regrets: the best, worst, and most #$%* ing ridiculous tattoos ever
The trouble with Tom: the strange afterlife and times of Thomas Paine, Collins
Far out: 101 strange tales from science’s outer edge, Pilkington
Cartographia: Mapping Civilizations, Virga
Spanking Shakespeare, Wizner
The entertainer and the dybbuk, Fleischman
Diamonds in the Shadow, Cooney
My swordhand is singing, Sedgwick
Gym Candy, Deuker
Encyclopedia horrifica: the terrifying truth! about vampires, ghosts, monsters, and more, Gee
The Arrival, Tan
Spook Country, Gibson
Bad Monkeys, Ruff
Emperors of Dreams: Drugs in the Nineteenth Century, Jay
The Devil You Know, Carey
Zounds!: a browser’s dictionary of interjections, Dunn
The Year of Living Biblically, Jacobs
Mutter Museum: Historic Medical Photographs, ed. Laura Lindgren
Azumanga Daioh: the manga: the omnibus, Kiyohiko Azuma
The magical life of Long Tack Sam, Ann Marie Fleming
Red moon rising: Sputnik and the hidden rivalries that ignited the Space Age, Matthew Brzezinski
D.A., Willis
Nextwave: Agents of HATE v.2: I Kick Your Face, Ellis
Our dumb world: the Onion’s atlas of the planet Earth, seventy-third edition
Windows on nature: the great habitat dioramas of the American Museum of Natural History, Quinn
Laika, Abadzis
The Black Book of Secrets, Higgins
Town Boy, Lat
Golden Legacy: How Golden Books Won Children’s Hearts, Changed Publishing Forever, and Became an American Icon Along the Way, Marcus
Horseradish : bitter truths you can’t avoid / Lemony Snicket
Monkey portraits / photographs by Jill Greenberg
I’d tell you I love you, but then I’d have to kill you / Ally Carter
The Cold War: a new history by John Lewis Gaddis
1984, Orwell
Animal Farm, Orwell
Koba the Dread: Laughter and the Twenty Million, Martin Amis
Global Frequency: Planet Ablaze, Ellis
Hello please!: very helpful and super Kawaii characters from Japan, Alt and Yoda
Un Lun Dun / China Mieville
Shanghaied to the moon / Michael J. Daley
Twisted / Laurie Halse Anderson
The secret world of American communism / Harvey Klehr, John Earl Haynes, and Fridrikh Igorevich Firsov
Harmless / Dana Reinhardt
Now you see her / by Jacquelyn Mitchard
The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian / by Sherman Alexie ; art by Ellen Forney
The new policeman / Kate Thompson
Beige, Castellucci
Invisible enemies : stories of infectious diseases / Jeanette Farrell
The wall : growing up behind the Iron Curtain / Peter Sis
Apathy and other small victories, Paul Neilan
jPod, Douglas Coupland
The Deep, Nouvian
The invention of Hugo Cabret: a novel in words and pictures, Selznick
The Plain Janes, Castellucci and Rugg
Nextwave, agents of H.A.T.E. Vol. 1, This is what they want, Warren Ellis
Demonkeeper, Buckingham
Evil Genius, Jinks
Astonishing X Men: Torn, Whedon
Core memory: a visual survey of vintage computers featuring machines from the computer history museum
The ghost map: the story of London’s most terrifying epidemic– and how it changed science, cities, and the modern world, Johnson
Ocean, Ellis
All over the world, and other stories, Ellis
Crooked Little Vein, Ellis
The Silenced, DeVita
Ultimate Galactus, Ellis
Fell. Volume 1, Feral city, written by Warren Ellis, illustrated by Ben Templesmith
Star Wars: Tag & Bink were here
Inside Delta Force: the story of America’s elite counterterrorist unit, Haney
Team Moon: how 400,000 people landed Apollo 11 on the moon, Thimmesh
The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! : pageantry and patriotism in Cold-War America / Richard M. Fried.
Animals Aloft: photographs from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum / Allan Janus.
Prom Dates from Hell, Clement-Moore
Snatched, Hautman and Logue
Life as we knew it, Pfeffer
Party Monster, St. James (formerly Disco Bloodbath: A Fabulous but True Tale of Murder in Clubland)
A home for foundlings / Marthe Jocelyn
Dead High Yearbook
Will and Abe’s Guide to the Universe, Groening
The lightning thief, Riordan
Hollow earth : the long and curious history of imagining strange lands, fantastical creatures, advanced civilizations, and marvelous machines below the earth’s surface, Standish
21 Proms
Mr Dimock Explores the Mysteries of the East, Dimock
Tiny Tyrant, Trondheim
Sardine in Outer Space 3, Guibert
Goosebumps Graphix 2: Terror Trips, Stine
The Transformers: Infiltration, Furman
My Pet Virus, Decker
Batman Year 100, Pope
Black Hole, Burns
No magic bullet: a social history of venereal disease in the United States since 1880, Brandt
Scientific American Cutting Edge Science (series, titles reviewed: Fighting Infectious Diseases, The Nanotech Revolution, The Future of the Web, and Extreme Engineering)
Freakonomics, Levitt and Dubner
A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore
Serenity: the official visual companion
Shock Point, Henry
Serenity: Those Left Behind, Whedon
Rash, Hautman
Offbeat History, a compendium of lively Americana, Griffin, Bulkley S
Spiral-bound: top secret summer, Renier
Natural Causes: death, lies, and politics in America’s vitamin and herbal supplement industry, Hurley
Vampire High, Rees
Last Days, Westerfeld
The campfire collection: thrilling, chilling tales of alien encounters, edited by Gina Hyams
It’s kind of a funny story, Vizzini
Yotsuba&!. 4 by Kiyohiko Azuma
Disapproving Rabbits, Stiteler
The Authority. [Vol. 2], Under new management, Warren Ellis, writer
Placebo Chronicles, strange but true tales from the doctor’s lounge, Farrago
Teach Me, Nelson
Drawing a blank, or, How I tried to solve a mystery, end a feud, and land the girl of my dreams; Ehrenhaft
Hello, cruel world: 101 alternatives to suicide for teens, freaks, and other outlaws, Bornstein
Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City, Miller
The Museum of Kitschy Stitches: a gallery of notorious knits by Stitchy McYarnpants
Yotsuba&! 3
Specials, Westerfeld
Skinny Dip, Hiaasen
The Adventures of Polo, Faller
The Rules of Survival, Werlin
Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Cohen and Levithan
World War Z, Brooks
The commitment: love, sex, marriage, and my family, Savage
Banana Sunday, Nibot & Coover
Astonishing X-Men v.2: Dangerous, Whedon
Astonishing X-Men v.1: Gifted, Whedon
Runaways: Pride & Joy, Vaughan
King Dork, Portman
Ductigami, Wilson
Mummies: the newest, coolest & creepiest from around the world, Tanaka
Alterknits, Radford
Psycho Ex Game, Markoe and Prieboy
Walking in Circles Before Lying Down, Markoe
The three-martini playdate: a practical guide to happy parenting, Mellor
Just Jane, Lavender
Dungeon: Twilight, Vol. I: Dragon Cemetery
Day of Tears: a Novel in Dialogue, Lester
Fever 1793, Anderson
Not Like I’m Jealous or Anything: the Jealousy Book
Odder Jobs: More Portraits of Unusual Occupations, Schiff
The areas of my expertise: an almanac of complete world knowledge compiled with instructive annotation and arranged in useful order … by me, John Hodgman
Spook: science tackles the afterlife by Mary Roach
Generation S.L.U.T (sexually liberated urban teens): a brutal feel-up session with today’s sex-crazed adolescent populace by Marty Beckerman
The art of gaman: arts and crafts from the Japanese American internment camps, 1942-1946
Scott Pilgrim. Vol. 1, Scott Pilgrim’s precious little life, O’Malley
Scott Pilgrim vs. the world. Vol. 2, O’Malley
Fired! : tales of the canned, canceled, downsized and dismissed, Gurwitch.
Brokeback Mountain, Proulx
Astronauts of the future, Trondheim and Larcenet
Mister O, Trondheim
Anansi boys, Gaiman
Born to rock, Korman
A.L.I.E.E.E.N, Trondheim
Yotsuba&! 2, Azuma
Mismatch, Namioka
Code Talker, Bruchac
Bar Mitzvah Disco, Bennett
Bodies from the Ash, Deem
Forbidden Schoolhouse: The True and Dramatic Story of Prudence Crandall and Her Students, Jurmain
Buildings in Disguise: Architecture That Looks Like Animals, Food, and Other Things, Arbogast
Strong Stuff: Herakles and His Labors, Harris
A Certain Slant of Light, Whitcomb
John, Paul, George & Ben, Smith
The Time Machine Did It, Swartzwelder
Extraordinary Exhibitions, Jay
Surviving the Applewhites, Tolan
The know-it-all: one man’s humble quest to become the smartest person in the world, Jacobs
Inside Job, Willis
Secrets of a Civil War Submarine: Solving the Mysteries of the H.L. Hunley, Walker
Shelf Life, Walford
The Witch’s Boy, Gruber
The perfect medium: photography and the occult
Great leader, dear leader: demystifying North Korea under the Kim Clan, Lintner
Pretties, Westerfeld
A Wreath for Emmett Till, Nelson
Japan 1945: a US Marine’s Photographs from Ground Zero, O’Donnell
Outbreak: Plagues that Changed History
Flush, Hiaasen
Peeps, Westerfeld
Assassination Vacation, Vowell (on audio)
Roadstrips: a graphic journey across America
Pyongyang: a Journey in North Korea, Delisle
Two Wheels North: Cycling the West Coast in 1909, Gibb
The Vacation, Horvath
The Real Festivus, O’Keefe
The Imagineering Field Guide to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World: an Imagineer’s-Eye Tour
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Foer
Nastybook, Yourgrau
How I Live Now, Rosoff
Guinea Pig Scientists: Bold Self-Experimenters in Science and Medicine, Dendy and Boring
Invisible, Hautman
Never Hit a Jellyfish with a Spade: How to Survive Life’s Smaller Challenges, Browning
Hungry Planet: what the world eats
Heavy Metal and You, Krovatin
Dungeon vol. 1: Duck Heart, Sfar & Trondheim
Code Orange, Cooney
Taylor Five, Halam
Good Brother, Bad Brother: The Story of Edwin Booth & John Wilkes Booth, Giblin
Red Land, Yellow River, Zhang
Far from Xanadu, Peters
Mormonism for Dummies, Riess
Looking for Alaska, Green
47, Mosley
Black Juice, Lanagan
Invisible Allies: Microbes That Shape Our Lives, Farrell
Van Helsing’s Night Off, Mahler.
Owly v.1: The Way Home and Bittersweet Summer, Runton.
Bound, Napoli
Yotsuba&!, Azuma
Daniel, Half-Human and the Good Nazi, Chotjewitz
Kipling’s Choice, Spillebeen
Blowing my cover: My Life as a CIA Spy, Moran
The Diary of Pelly D, Adlington
Cute Manifesto, Kochalka
The Poo Bomb by Vogel
Everything I Ate: A Year in the Life of My Mouth by Shaw
Bad Cat by Edgar
Working Fire by Unger
Ex Machina: The First Hundred Days by Vaughan et al
World’s Worst: A Guide to the Most Disgusting, Hideous, Inept, and Dangerous People, Places, and Things on Earth by Frauenfelder
Muzzlers, Guzzlers and Good Yeggs by Coleman
The Burn Journals by Runyon
The Men Who Stare at Goats by Ronson
Candyfreak: A Journey Through the Chocolate Underbelly of America by Almond
Little Green: Growing Up During the Chinese Cultural Revolution by Yu
One hundred more poems from the Japanese, compiled and translated by Kenneth Rexroth
I Am The Messenger, Zuzak
2gether 4ever: Notes of a Junior High School Heartthrob, Larson
Odd jobs: portraits of unusual occupations, Schiff
Siberia: a Novel, Halam
Guys Write for Guys Read, ed. Scieszka
The Secret Under my Skin by McNaughton
If Chins Could Kill: confessions of a B movie actor: an autobiography by Bruce Campbell
Fray by Joss Whedon
America the Book by those Daily Show people
Alice MacLeod, Realist at Last by Susan Juby
Time Hackers, Paulsen
Marvel 1602, Gaiman
Uglies, Westerfield
Surviving Antarctica: reality TV 2083, White
Sins of the City: The Real Los Angeles Noir, Heimann
Banvard’s Folly, Collins


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